Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Today's blog is sponsored by the letter S" ... for Serging!

      Last week it seems that all jobs DWP Carpet Binding received in were serging jobs. We popped out 17 area rugs for a school. They ranged in size from 8 ft. by 10 ft. up to 12 ft. by 12 ft. It only took us 1.5 days to complete the job; while working on other binding jobs as well, so we didn't fall behind.  This is what a pile of serged carpets look like:
17 area rugs serged for a Montessori school.

We also received a serging job for pieces that were custom made. They chose to use a black serging yarn to accent the black carpet within the off-white field carpet. Here are two pictures of what it looked like:

Cotton serging yarn up-close.

Custom runner with black cotton serging yarn as an accent.

The serging jobs were great projects. We even had a walk-in come in to cut back a custom car mat and finish it with serging to top it all off!

A completely separate job came to us. It was a carpet remnant that was already bound that needed to be cut into three different pieces. The original binding was a gold tone, which was used on a dark taupe (almost purple) carpet. I wasn't fond of the color the factory chose for the carpet. It wasn't even in the ballpark of the color of the carpet. Ultimately, because we could not match the existing binding exactly, we were instructed to bind all four sides to get the same aesthetics on all sides. Unfortunately, my camera isn't great, but here are two pictures of the original binding, then another displaying our binding versus their binding:

Original binding: gold/tan color on taupe carpet.

The binding on the top (going left to right) is ours; the binding on the perpendicular side (up and down) is the original. You can see that our binding has a crisp, clean look when it stitches; where as the other binding has wrinkles and the color is mismatched to the carpet's color. 

You can see that our binding matches the carpet better and it has a better finishing touch. If a person is attentive towards detail, they would notice a big difference. This aids in displaying the quality of our binding, as well as our ability to pick up better color tones to compliment the color of the carpet. We can't always get an exact match, but in this case, we think we hit a home-run!

This week, we already have three projects in for new fringe and a few custom binding jobs to finish up.

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