Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful Days & Bubble Gum!

With beautiful weather warming up our days & blue skies lightening our hearts I feel compelled to share something with the readers that has nothing to do with carpet binding!

Bubble Gum.

One of Dan's buddies jokingly bought him a case that contains about 850 gum balls. When I first saw this box I thought; "Oh boy, that's going to take up unnecessary space for a looooong time."  Little did I know how wrong I would be!

Every time somebody walks into our shop Dan asks "Hey, do you like gum balls?"
"Gum balls?"
"Yeah, I buy them buy the case. I eat about 50 a day!"

I observe as men in their 40's and 50's make their way over to the case of gum balls, seemingly unimpressed at first. They might pop one or two balls in at a time depending on how adventurous they're feeling. Then as I listen to what sounds like horses or cows grazing on sloppy wet grass, I see the same unimpressed faces light up with delight. The same 40 or 50 year old man is transformed into a young lad and a smile emerges! It's almost as if you can see them reminiscing about a summer day running with a friend down an immensely green, grassy hill or riding a bike around their childhood neighborhood. Then...

(a bubble popping, exploding onto the face of the person responsible for it.)
For just an instant, they don't know what it means to stress out over unpaid bills, or whether or not they've forgot to pick up Billy or Susie from school on time.

Aside from our excellent service & hard working nature, here at DWP Carpet Binding we offer a short escape from the real world. Even if it's with such small gestures as offering a gum ball...
Sweet, magic gum balls!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Early Dismissal!

DWP Carpet Binding will be closing early 
Friday, April 22, 2011.

You have until noon to get all your orders in
(or to pick any orders up)!
We will resume our regular business hours on Monday! 

Enjoy the long weekend!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Reiteration of Quality-

Due to the prediction of inclement weather, no flea markets were attended this past weekend.

On to today's topic:

It's easy for a person or a business to say they're the best or have the best quality product. Most of us are familiar with the saying "it's easier said than done". In previous posts our quality service & stand-out turn around was discussed. This is part of what DWP Carpet Binding prides itself on. However, it does not necessarily exemplify how our products and work are top quality. With that being said, it's time to discuss what makes us stand out from other binding services. Although a lot of this information will be repeat information from our web-site, which I invite you to check out, it's pertinent information when talking about the quality of work!

First and foremost, our standard polyester binding application is 1.25 inches wide. This is a bigger gauge than that of the standard 7/8 inch, which most others use as a standard.  
Why is it better? 
What is the difference?
It's better because the gauge is bigger, allowing for the binding to get a better grab on the carpet. This is especially effective on those super thick carpets! Another benefit to using a wider gauge binding is that the wider binding is folded three times as opposed to just in half. This is beneficial because the material that is showing on the front facing of the carpet has a crisp finish because the exterior edge was folded under while being stitched into place. When the binding material is folded in half, the exterior edge can get ratty looking. It also tends to have an effect of sticking upwards because there is nothing to hold the excess material down. When it is folded on the top facing it gives a smooth edging. It also adds a layer of binding that the thinner gauge material does not, meaning your binding will have a longer time frame before needing a replacement!

Another way DWP Carpet Binding differentiates ourselves is by using a blind-stitch application for all wide border/ sisal binding work. There was a lot of experimentation during our first couple of years of operation, in order to come up with what we feel is the best look for this work. Sisal binding/ wide border binding was a new adventure upon opening. Initially we offered a stitched look or a blind stitched look. After difficulties with proper fastening techniques and finding the desired sleek look, Dan decided we would only offer the blind-stitched look. This came about because when we used a folder for the material it was not always a 100% guarantee that the material fastened without wrinkling occurring in the material. There were variables that caused this outcome; the binding material wasn't starched as heavily as it could have been, making it more pliable. The fibers of the carpet were long and loose, causing  rippling in the material. After having completed jobs that were not up to our personal standards, we figured it would be best to continue with the technique that has the best results all the time.

What this has translated to is more labor to complete the job, but the end result always hits a home run with both DWP Carpet Binding & the customer who ordered the carpet. However, because of the cost of the material and the amount of labor that goes into each piece, it is not an inexpensive proposition to have a piece done with sisal binding/wide border binding. Many people think that this application is as easy as the standard binding application, but nothing could be further from the truth. The process is a 7-step process for each side that is bound with sisal binding/wide border binding.

It's already been discussed that we do quality control by double-checking and sometimes triple-checking our work. Since we work at waste level, it's easy to take a few extra seconds to make sure the binding is securely fastened & there are no skips in the stitching.

Those are just a couple of ways that DWP Carpet Binding tries to distinguish themselves from other binding services. There is another way that we also distinguish ourselves. We offer job-site work! Mind you, it is not inexpensive. In order to accommodate the time spent out of the shop, there is a trip charge for traveling at a minimum of $75.00. That is not inclusive of the binding work being done. Although we never like to steer away business, if a person can bring their piece into our shop, it's much more cost effective to them to do so. If they are willing to pay the travel charge and additional charges for binding, then our on-site services is a great way to get the job completed! Most recently, we did job-site work at Rentschler Field!  

"Go Huskies!"

Being a two-man team, DWP Carpet Binding can not accommodate everybody who might need job-site work. It has to be scheduled and in most cases we have a two week "heads-up" on when the project will start. I would be dishonest if I said we can make residential job-site calls. Again, it's not cost effective to the consumer or DWP to go out to every house or home that needs a carpet bound or serged.

Featured Product of the Day:
Although we have announced and advertised on having stock pieces available for sale, you may not know of one product that could be extremely helpful to your home! Vinyl backed peel-n-stick stair treads! One of the trailer loads that Dan picked up had a ton of carpet that was vinyl backed, peel-n-stick material. It is a commercial product, which typically does not need binding since the likelihood of it unraveling is slim. The vinyl backing makes it a super durable product. The peel-n-stick aspect is just an additional bonus. Although it would still require the use of staples or nails to properly fasten, the peel-n-stick property helps with securing the material in place, prior to stapling or nailing it in place. DWP Carpet Binding's stair treads come in various sizes and widths, most being 8 inches or 9 inches by 27 inches through about 31 inches. Usually there are 13 or 14 pieces per package. If you are in the market for stair treads, please consider checking out DWP Carpet Binding's stock of pre-cut material- cut, wrapped & ready for install! 


Friday, April 8, 2011

Where's Waldo this Weekend?!

This weekend you can find "Waldo" at the Redwood Country Flea Market
in Wallingford, CT.
170 South Turnpike Road, Wallingford Center, CT 06492-4320

Image is courtesy of a google search; DWP Carpet Binding does not own any rights & is using it for mere comical purposes. 

Check out Dan's "bargain table" for low (and I mean LOW) prices on small pieces!

Have a great weekend!