Friday, October 28, 2011

Buzzzz.... We've Been Busy!

I have not posted in a while, but for good reason:
We've been kept so busy in the warehouse, it's hard to write a blog AND bind carpet!

We have had projects galore in this past week or two. Many were projects of our regular customers; thousands of feet of carpet base, about 25 - 45 area rugs of various shapes and sizes and a handful of walk-in customers with miscellaneous requests. It has been a great couple of weeks, you would think that this awful economy was finally turning around! [Wishful thinking, I know.]

Unfortunately, we have not been able to thank those who have come in, so I would like to take a few minutes to do so now.
 Many "Thanks" to:
The Blanchards of South Windsor, who had an area rug cut & serged!
Steve, who was sent in by his wife to have an oriental carpet re-fringed for their upcoming Thanksgiving party!
Peggy, who had a gorgeous woven carpet cut down & serged on all four sides.
Sal, who brought in a couple of oriental runner remnants to have the ends serged after installation on their stairs.
 Ingrid, who just dropped off her woven carpet to cut off the fringe to be replaced with serging; there are also a couple of areas that need a little attention for repair.
Edita, who also replaced fringed ends with serging.

It is such a great feeling to know that we are helping people maintain the use of carpets old and new. All of them had different needs, none of which were an obstacle for DWP Carpet Binding to handle!  Thank you to all of our customers and walk-ins that have kept us busy, busy, busy these past few weeks. We have enjoyed being productive as well as a resource for ALL of your carpet binding needs.  


Monday, October 10, 2011

Thank You:

A big "Thank you" to everybody who purchased a carpet from DWP Carpet Binding, 
this past weekend at Stormville Airport Flea Market!
It was our most successful weekend & are so pleased with the results. 

See you next year!
-The Team of DWP

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where's "Waldo" this Weekend?!

DWP Carpet Binding is excited to announce that we will be at the Stormville Airport Flea Market this weekend!  It is one of the Northeast's biggest flea market and a big deal to locals! We are hoping to hit a home run and diminish what is left of our old stock and our new stock!

We are making this announcement early for one reason:
If you're in the market for a carpet, NOW IS THE TIME! There might be limited pieces left after this weekend's big event! Last Friday a returning customer, Sandy, brought her daughter Kim in to us as she was looking for new carpets for her house. Sandy told Kim "Don't go anywhere, I've got just the place to get some great carpets..." then told Kim about DWP Carpet Binding. Kim bought 8 new carpets for multiple areas in her home! She also purchased a piece of non-skid rug-hold product for one piece. DWP Carpet Binding really was a one-stop shop for her needs!
Thank you for your purchases Kim!
Thank you Sandy for the reference, we really appreciate it!

Although I have mentioned our new stock several times, I have not mentioned the "golden pieces". Often times people are looking for oriental runners, which are hard for us to come across. However, in our last purchase of stock pieces we happened to come across these wonderful mats:
Oriental Mats: 30 inch by 2 foot

We have about 30 - 40 pieces, 30 inches by 2 feet. We also have a dozen pieces that measure 30 inches by 3 feet. They're being sold for $5 and $7 a piece! That is a steal! They may be used as scattered rugs throughout your home or the runners can be used in short hallways, etc. 

Get them while they're here, folks! Stormville Airport Flea Market will (hopefully) make a huge dent in our inventory.