Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Custom Work & Custom T-shirts!

Over the past few weeks DWP Carpet Binding has had quite a handful of work.  We had a lot of serging and binding jobs, but we also had a few custom binding jobs for carpets on boats! Below is one of the pieces that was a part of the custom binding job:
Hand-binding/ Custom binding.

Custom shaped piece for carpeting on a boat.

We also had a couple of runners that needed to be seamed in order to get the desired length. Here's what our seams look like:

Close-up of carpet seam on wool runner (unbound). 

Carpet seam on wool runner, from a distance.

Close-up of carpet seam on patterned carpet.

Carpet seam on patterned carpet from a distance.

Those are just a couple of the projects that have kept us busy these past few weeks. 

In other news:
Many customers have asked, "Where's my DWP shirt?", since Dan and myself have DWP Carpet Binding T-shirts we wear day-to-day. Well, after many requests, we have finally ordered some. They're not the same as the ones we wear every day, but I think they're pretty snazzy!
New DWP Carpet Binding T-shirts!

Hopefully the new shirts will look just as good in person! Time will tell.

to everyone who has come and visited us!

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