Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slashing Prices!

If you are viewing this, I would implore you to check out our etsy store. We have just recently added new listings & took 25% off the original pricing structure!

If you're looking for a unique area rug or hallway runner, check this out:

DWP Carpet Binding also has stock pieces of all colors & sizes!
Area rugs, hallway runners & small mats.
 Special Thanks to Cindy for purchasing a 3 ft. by 8 ft. sisal carpet with sisal/wide border binding from DWP's Stock!

If you have remnants leftover from a previous installation, you may have them fabricated to your desired shape & size. 

Don't forget to top it all off with a piece of rug-hold, to prevent your pieces from moving around on hard surfaces, such as hardwood, tiles or linoleum flooring!
Rug-Hold may be purchased for $ 0.75 per square foot.
(The rug-hold does not hold carpet to carpet.)

Check out our web-site for more information on carpet binding:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not Just a Remnant Sale!

DWP Carpet Binding recently had a walk-in customer. Out of her remnant pieces she had left over from previous installs, she was looking to have one piece serged & two other pieces bound. She was hoping to get pieces in the sizes of : 1' x 3', two pieces at 2' x 3' & one piece at 3' x 5'. Unfortunately, her scrap pieces could not accommodate all of those sizes. She looked around at our stock pieces. The first piece she showed interest in was a 2' 6" x 4' piece. It was $10. The second piece that caught her attention was a custom piece from DWP's custom stock pieces. It was just under 3' x 6', a bordered carpet that was finished off with serging. The price was $150.

She had decided that she would take both pieces to see which, if either, would work in her living room and would return the second piece (or both if neither worked out) the following day when she picked up the rest of her order. To our pleasant surprise, she went with the custom piece! She said , "That piece looks like it was made for my room!" She did comment on how it wasn't $10, but it matched so perfectly, she didn't want to pass it up.

This is great news to hear!
When we fabricate our custom pieces, we never know if anybody would take interest in any of them. Sure, over the past few years we have received an endless amount of compliments on them, but without a buyer how valuable are they? This recent incident is proof that our custom pieces are meant for someone, somewhere. Maybe even you! The next time you're in the market seeking a unique carpet, consider stopping by DWP Carpet Binding to check out their stock pieces & custom bordered pieces! 

Thank you to Beth, not only for your business in having your scrap pieces serged & bound, but also for such a wonderful compliment in loving your new custom carpet!