Monday, August 5, 2013

Well, I've certainly been slacking in the "blogging" department, now haven't I? 

The pictures above show a large custom shaped carpet that Dan worked on. He bound it using our 1.25" polyester binding. 

Business has been a little funny lately. Usually the Summer season is hectic, yet this time around it hasn't been. We've had days when there was nothing major happening. Then we've had days when we're completely slammed with work and have one customer after the other in for rush services. It makes the days a little more exciting when you don't know what will happen next; on the other hand, it makes for really long days when there is not much on-hand. I suppose it's all part of the business. 

We are currently looking for some testimonials/reviews from people who have used our services. If you came in for any carpet binding service, please help us out and send us a review! You can e-mail them to:  .

As always, 
Thank you to everybody who has been in to see us for carpet binding needs recently!