Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sentimental Value:

Joan from Manchester came to us yesterday with very unique pieces. They were pieces that her mother-in-law had made for her quite a few years back. One piece was an actual throw rug, the other two pieces were cushion covers that matched the throw rug. She found them and thought: Why not put these to use?

The throw rug needed a little bit of work and she wanted to have it bound. The other two pieces needed a bit more work. Joan wanted us to make a secondary throw rug by seaming them together, after cutting off the additional material that would surround the cushion. Being that they were hand made, we had to first latex the perimeters of every piece prior to doing anything to them. This causes a rubberized edge which allows  you to trim the material, but more importantly, it acts as a stabilizer for the edges to prevent any further fraying!

Dan went to work on it. After using latex to stabilize the edges, he scissor cut back the edges to get them as cleaned up as possible. At that point he was able to bind the throw rug. He then started working on the other two pieces. After cutting back the excess material, he used extra latex where the seam would be made. He joined them together, using sheet rock scrim  tape and hot glue in replacement of seam tape.

The pattern of the pieces are sporadic and colorful, so the pattern match up was not important. After about 1.5 hours of work the job was completed!
Hand-Made Throw Rug: hooked with various yarns. Bound in black by DWP Carpet Binding.

Hand-Made Cushion covers, converted to a secondary throw rug. Bound in black by DWP Carpet Binding.

You can see the seam where the two cushion covers were joined together. Due to the differing shape and size of the custhion, it was difficult to get the piece completely square without compromising the loops, which may have caused fraying (despite the use of latex). Although it's not perfectly squared, the piece is completely useful for any space!

I think these are wonderful and unique mosaic pieces. They are over 40 years old and hand-made by a person with true talent! Joan has sentimental connection to these pieces and used DWP Carpet Binding to keep them useful to her. This was one of the more unique tasks we were asked to do. We are more than happy with the results, but even happier that we were able to maintain the use of pieces so valuable to another individual!
Thank you, Joan! 
This was such a great project to be a part of!

If you have pieces that are of sentimental value to you, consider bringing them to DWP Carpet Binding to see what you can make of them today!

***Side Note: Coincedentally, I had a fortune cookie today that read: "Don't scrap everything. See what you can salvage!" After having written this blog!***


Friday, September 23, 2011

What You Can Do-

One of our UPS delivery men had been saying for months that he needs some sort of carpeting for a steel spiral staircase in his home because of an elderly cat that continued to slip on the stairs. Today, he and his wife came in to solve their problem!

He created a cardboard template of the stairs' shape & brought it to us. He and his wife chose a carpet out of our stock pieces that fit their needs, at which point DWP Carpet Binding fabricated 12 custom stair treads.

Custom Stair Treads for a Spiral Stair Case

We used two 4 ft. by 6 ft. stock pieces to cut and fabricate the custom stair treads, as well as a couple of narrow pieces that they will use to make an 11.5 ft. scratch post for their cats! These are two examples of clever ways to use carpeting to your advantage.
Thank you Ken & Libby! 
DWP Carpet Binding hopes that you and your cats enjoy the new treads and scratching post... we assume the cats will enjoy that more so than you.

In other news, we also were able to help two women out with a few small jobs. 

Christine from Meriden came in with two pieces that she has had for a while. Beautiful pieces, however one of them was fringed. She had hit a point of frustration with the fringe because it was "...always getting caught in the vacuum cleaner." She had us remove the fringe & serge both ends to match the existing serging that was on the sides. The second piece was cut to a custom shape then DWP serged the cut sides, blending everything in so that it looked as if she bought the piece as is. They both came out beautiful!

Ginny came in with remnants left over from a recent installation she had done. Instead of letting her pieces go to waste, she came up with multiple sizes to use as a hallway runner & a throw mat.

Thank you Christine & Ginny! 
It was a pleasure doing business with you both!

Jen & Tim from Tolland came to DWP Carpet Binding in search of a 6 ft. by 9 ft. Having just received three van fulls of carpet, we had a ton of stuff to choose from. They picked out a multi-colored Berber. Since it hadn't been fabricated yet, they decided they would go back home in case they wanted a custom size or larger than 6 ft. by 9 ft. They went home, measured, decided to go for a 8 ft. by 10 ft. , then Tim came back before we closed and picked up their finished 8 ft. by 10 ft. Berber! 
Thank you Tim & Jen-
You are the first to buy a carpet from our NEW stock!

Yes, at DWP Carpet Binding we make it that simple! Fast turn around, reasonable prices and capable of many custom fabrications.  
These are four examples of how DWP Carpet Binding can help you with any carpeting needs. Whether you buy carpet from our stock pieces & have us fabricate them or if you already have carpet that you would like to re-vamp , DWP Carpet Binding is happy to take on your projects.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Stock!

After a summer of flea markets, DWP Carpet Binding was pretty low on our stock pieces. Dan & Bobbie cranked them out at low, make that very low, prices to give us room for NEW stock!

Today, that new stock arrived. Although it has to be fabricated, we are pleased as punch to have carpet remnants on hand that are up to our standards of material! Berbers & plush carpets galore! Although most are neutral in color, we have a few blues & peaches to select from amongst other random colors here and there.

Are you in the market for a new carpet?
NOW IS THE TIME to buy from DWP Carpet Binding!

Although we do not have pieces to accommodate wall-to-wall carpet sizes (typically 12 ft. by 14 ft or bigger), there is plenty on hand if you were looking for a new stair runner, hallway runner or an area rug!

Come in with your desired sizes & we'll find something to fit your needs!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pardon Our Appearance:

Well, much like any growing business, DWP Carpet Binding is experiencing "growing pains". We have out grown our space. Thankfully so. It's a sign of success, even in a terrible economy.

So, what are we going to do about?
Dan has began the process of "renovating". Although it won't be a full-out renovation, we are working towards maximizing our space! Reorganizing, cleaning and moving a lot of our products around has been the focus of our work days. Don't be too concerned, our binding jobs are still our first priority & as always, we're taking care of business.

By the time we finish we are hoping to have a completely new look in our office. Our warehouse will have a "walk-in" section as well as a new "drop off" area for our current regular customer base. The walk-in section will be rack displays of our remnant pieces for sale. The drop off area will be sets of rollers right next to our work table. There will be one place to drop off the work & another place for the "pick up" area. All with intention to prevent any piece from ever touching the ground... even the enormous pieces! This is another example of how DWP Carpet Binding keeps the customer's needs in mind. Although it's a rare occasion that a carpet will touch our floors, this new set-up will make sure they NEVER have to!

If you work with carpets, you already know that they create a lot of fuzz balls/dust bunnies. By lifting everything off of the floors, we can clear out the fuzz balls/dust bunnies even more than our allowance is currently. Maintaining a fresh warehouse floor is of vital importance to Dan.

Although we are eager to get the new set up complete, it is a process. Please pardon our appearance as we give DWP Carpet Binding a face-lift for a more user-friendly set up!

Friday, September 2, 2011

"Where's Waldo" this Weekend?!

DWP Carpet Binding will be closed on Monday, September 5th in observance of Labor Day!

You can catch "Waldo" this weekend at:

Unbeatable prices this weekend!

Area Rugs:
9' x 12' 
8' x 10'
6' x 9' 
5' x 8' 
4' x 6'
3' x 5' 
2' x 3'
Hallway runners at various lengths & widths!

Prices lower than Ocean State Job Lot, Lowe's, Home Depot, Wal-mart & Target!

"Change the way you shag!"